Patricia Broadhurst Therapy Counselling & Hypnotherapy in Wigan
Greater Manchester, Lancashire

Availability, Appointments & Fees

I am available for appointments outside standard office hours, Monday to Friday, including early mornings and evenings. (excluding Bank Holidays).
Please make appointments by telephone, I do not arrange appointments via email as I feel it is important to make that initial contact on a more personal level before we meet.

I understand the difficulties of finding time to fit in your therapy around work and taking time off may be difficult as is finding time if you work shifts.
Whilst I always recommend face to face therapy, in circumstances where this is not always possible, if you travel regularly or live too far away from my practice location, I offer telephone and online counselling appointments for individuals following an initial face to face appointment, where this is possible.
I am unable to offer online or telephone appointments for couples' therapy or Hypnotherapy.

Once you have made the decision to engage in therapy, we will agree a specific day or days and time each week that will remain a fixed appointment. This is your time and cannot be given to anyone else.

If you work shifts, you will have agreed shift patterns with your employer and we can negotiate how to accommodate these changes in order to maintain your regular appointments.

Fees and T&C

Counselling sessions, both for individuals and couples are 50 minutes.
Hypnotherapy: Between 60-90 minutes (see FAQs for more information about this).
Smoking cessation sessions are 2 hours.


The first 6 sessions of Counselling/Psychotherapy or Hypnotherapy, or combinations of both are £30 per session.


Individual's Counselling/Psychotherapy: £45*

Couples' Counselling: £60*

Hypnotherapy: £45

Smoking cessation: £90

Smoking cessation sessions consist of a combination of Counselling and hypnotherapy.

* Fees increase annually by £1.00
Hypnotherapy is short term work and therefore would not be subject to this annual increase.

Both individuals and couples will sign a client contract which sets out terms and conditions for our therapeutic work together. See Client contracts including T&C on PDF below.

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Hypnotherapy Contracts T&C

Appointments & Fees. Client Contracts T&C Psychotherapy, Counselling and Hypnotherapy

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