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About Hypnotherapy?

There are many myths associated with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.
People often think of stage hypnotists who 'make' people behave in a silly way and have them say or do things that they later don't remember.
Thankfully this practice seems to have gone out of favour and thank goodness!
Please be assured that Hypnotherapy is nothing like this.

During Hypnotherapy, whilst you will be in a relaxed state, you will always be aware of yourself and your surroundings. You are in control and can never be made to do or say anything that you would not do normally when completely conscious.
Hypnosis 'speaks to' the unconscious part of the mind. It can shift deep held, negative beliefs a person has about themself in order to change the conscious way they behave.
For example: Low self-esteem is often borne out of the way someone was parented. If you were criticised throughout your upbringing then, what is called your Conscious Critical Faculty, will hold the belief you have about yourself, what you think is the truth about who you are. This is wrong.

Think about when you are walking or driving to a familiar place. How often have you found yourself at your destination and not realised how you got there, as if you were on 'autopilot' ? It happens to us all numerous times a day. When driving, you don't think every time you change gear do you? These are examples of being in a hypnotic state, where our unconscious takes over. When we no longer have to think of every move we make, it 'drops into' our unconscious mind.

Nothing to be worried about is there?

Hypnosis can work to change your CCF and create a new way that you see yourself: the true you!

Following an initial 30 minute telephone consultation, I will develop a profile that is specifically yours in order that your sessions are tailor made for you. This will be explained for you in more detail during your consultation.

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